• Investment date: 01 Oct, 2022
  • Founder: Anieke Lamers, Vincent van den Noort and Alyea Sandovar
  • Website:

Head Start Ventures (HSV) is excited to announce that we are expanding our portfolio by investing in Peekabond. The HSV team is keen to support Peekabond in its mission to make a positive impact on family bonds by enabling meaningful communication with young children. HSV will predominantly support Peekabond on financial, organizational, digital (marketing) and other operational matters.

HSV is pleased to be involved with Peekabond and are looking forward to support the team in the realization of their ambitions. Peekabond is being led by Anieke Lamers, Vincent van den Noort and Alyea Sandovar, three spirited and ambitious entrepreneurs. Anieke and Vincent both experienced firsthand that bonding with a new family member can be challenging if they are not close by. Through their platform Peekabond helps families build deep bonds with loved ones at a distance through asynchronous connection with content inspiration such as interactive games, lessons, stories, songs and other activities. In the coming months, Peekabond will focus on optimizing the user experience and accelerating the growth of the current user base even further.

Head Start Ventures: ‘We are pleased to be able to announce our investment in Peekabond. The scalability of the platform has the potential to create and improve many relationships and bonds over the whole world. We are strongly aligned with the lasting social impact that Peekabond is aiming for and we are looking forward to support Anieke, Vincent, Alyea and the rest of the team.’
Anieke, CEO and co-founder of Peekabond: 'At Peekabond, we look for value-aligned investors. Our values are Ambitious, Playful and Ethical. Head Start Ventures is an ambitious group of nex-generation impact-driven investors. They ask the right questions on Product, Marketing and Funding, are pragmatic and we had a great connection from the start.'